New from Dodson & Horrell – CushCare Condition


CushCare Condition is launched in the market place by Europe’s leading specialist animal feed manufacturer and nutrition experts Dodson & Horrell.  This ground-breaking new feed is ideal for horses needing a diet lower in starch and sugar.

High in protein and oil, Dodson & Horrell’s CushCare Condition is designed to promote weight gain and help maintain muscle mass, providing the best nutritional support possible for older horses at the point in their lives where they may need an extra helping hand. As the temperature drops and the nights draw in, this is a key time of year to safeguard all horses’ health, none more so than those in their later years who might be susceptible to muscle wastage and rapid loss of condition.CushCare_18kg_Flat_72

Prior to the launch of CushCare Condition, Dodson & Horrell embarked on a substantial trial period, working with vets across the country to identify horses who would benefit from the feed. The results speak for themselves; 87% of owners will continue feeding CushCare Condition after reporting improved coat condition, appetite and weight gain.

The response from vets has also been extremely positive and horse owner’s comments such as these are the norm.

“He has definitely put on weight and has more energy”

“His coat is more normal and even shiny”

“She has eaten each feed and her appetite is slowly increasing.

“She is shedding her coat and vast amounts of fur are being brushed out every day”

Dodson & Horrell Company Vet, Chloe Bristow, explains: “Previously vets have not been able to effectively manage the needs of older horses in poor condition. The challenge is enormous; there simply have been no appropriate weight-gain feeds with a low enough sugar and starch content to minimise the risk of laminitis”.

“Vets have been crying out for a safe feed that will adequately support these older horses, and CushCare Condition provides the answer: a feed that enables condition gain but is suitable for horses prone to laminitis, plugging a huge gap in the feed market.”

CushCare Condition provides calories whilst being lower in starch and sugar. Soya lecithin supports weight maintenance, fat digestion and absorption, whilst B vitamins and carnitine help the metabolism of fat. The horse’s immune system is supported by Dodson & Horrell’s patented QLC package of antioxidants, the digestive system benefits from the live Actisaf yeast and prebiotics and joint function is supported thanks to the inclusion of omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine. Add herbs, essential amino acids and digestible fibre into the mix, and the net result is a nutritious, soft feed that is easy to chew and very palatable, a must this winter.

Sam Horrell, Marketing Director at Dodson & Horrell, commented: “A great deal of research has gone into developing this new product, CushCare Condition.  We are confident that it will fill a big gap in the market, as well as offering horses a nutritional and valuable addition to their diet. Our research trials have clearly demonstrated the benefits of this new feed and we know it will become a firm favourite within our range of quality and highly nutritious feeds”.

As with any change in diet CushCare Condition should be introduced gradually and any concerns regarding a horse’s health should be discussed with a vet. As always Dodson & Horrell’s company veterinary surgeon is on hand to answer any questions through the Nutritional Helpline 0845 345 2627. CushCare Condition is available for pre-order now, and will be shipped from 17 November 2014.

More information, including a comprehensive FAQ about CushCare Condition can be found at


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