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Trot poles for building on your horse's medium & extended trot by Richard & Tom Davison

Trot poles can help you build a blockbuster medium and extended trot, says Richard Davison

Pole work, used with care, is a great way to persuade a horse to lengthen his stride. However, use poles carefully because you need to ensure you don’t overdo things too soon, as this can knock a horse’s confidence.

Note It’s crucial to have someone on the ground to help you with pole work and raised pole work for horses.

Use square poles rather than round ones, as they won’t roll if your horse stand on one.


Tom & Egano Star over raised trot poles

Trot poles
Start with three poles set approximately 1.3m (4.5ft) apart, although you will need to adapt the distances to suit your horse.

Ride over the poles several times, on both reins, and once your horse is completely comfortable with the distance, ask your helper to roll them out, just an inch at a time, until your horse has to reach a little to make the next distance.

However, I can’t stress enough how important it is to do this gradually and not to overdo the distances.

Build on this exercise by raising one end of the poles onto small blocks, as shown here. This helps the horse to develop more cadence and lift in his trot, so you get a flashy, not flat, medium trot.

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Author: Tom Davison
Email: info@davisonequestrian.com


Richard & Hiscox Artemis photos from Munich

Below are a number of photos taken by Selene Scarsi from Richard’s 5* win in Munich.


Je T'aime Flamenco wins 92,000euro

Billy Twomey and Je T’aime Flamenco hit the jackpot during last weeks global tour in Valencia by winning the Grand Prix and taking home 92,000 euros. We are especially proud of Billy and Doug as they have put a lot of work into their dressage recently and Billy is always on hand to help us with our jumpers. Keep up the good work Billy!


The making of Richard's Robbie Williams Freestyle to Music.

Holland’s Joost Peters has been responsible for the worlds most prestigious dressage to music freestyles. The legendary Totilas’ freestyle has been arranged by him along with other dressage aces such as Imke Schellekens-Bartels, Hans Peter Minderhoud.
He arranged Richard’s previous freestyle, courtesy of Elton John, and more recently the well publicised Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers composition.
It started with Richard and Joost designing the floor plan, then Richard and Hiscox Artemis being videoed. Joost then spent hours arranging the famous songs of Robbie and Guy and tracking every beat of Hiscox Artemis’s foot fall. Enjoy watching the video below which picks up the story from the time when Joost and Richard were laying down the tracks together with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and goes on to show Joost and the legendary Guy Chambers working together. Among other phases of the production.


Five year old Luigi & Joe

A video of Joe’s training round, on our 5 year old Luigi, this morning. A pleasing first round from the young horse who coped comfortably with the distances. Joe looked to move the horse in front of the leg more before the start of the next round to improve on the first round seen below.

The course was designed as to encourage the rider to start off moving the horse in front of the leg, then challenging this through out with loop backs and related distances. The triple bar to the double of verticals with spooky fillers was a particular challenge for many of the younger horses.